The International Cancer Genome Consortium for Medicine (ICGCmed) defined the opportunities for the ICGC to align closer and begin to integrate with the clinical practise of oncology.

The ICGC has evolved significantly since its inception in 2007. At its heart, ICGC is a consortium of experts in genomics and informatics. Its initial project was to define the genomes of 25,000 primary untreated cancers (the 25K Project); the second ICGC project, the Pan Cancer Analysis of Whole Genomes (The PCAWG Project), commenced in 2013 and continues to analyse ~3,000 of the highest quality whole cancer genomes of multiple cancer types. In 2015, the ICGC, in response to the realization of the potential of genomics in healthcare, released a position “white paper” on the evolution of ICGC into more directly impacting on human health. Emanating from the ICGC for Medicine (ICGCmed) white paper is ICGC’s next project which aims to Accelerate Research in Genomic Oncology (The ARGO Project), where key clinical questions and patient clinical data drive the interrogation of cancer genomes.

Last updated: April 2018