The International Cancer Genome Consortium for Medicine (ICGCmed) will link genomics data to clinical information, health and response to therapies

Within the context of massive international sequencing efforts, and in anticipation of the new era of precision medicine, ICGCmed will link the wealth of genomic data already amassed, as well as new genomic data being generated, to clinical and health information, including lifestyle, patient history, cancer diagnostic data, and response to and survival following to therapies, across the cancer spectrum. Using this large-scale integrated data, researchers, scientists, policymakers and clinicians will be able to work with patients, healthcare providers and others to develop preventative strategies, markers for early detection of disease, more specific criteria and methods for diagnoses and prognoses, and interventions based on matching the patient’s disease molecular subtype with the most effective combinations of therapies.

This will lead to the discovery of new therapeutic targets, more precise disease definitions and improved strategies to prevent drug resistance.

Last updated: April 2016